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SaikouCon 2021 Media Applications

Media Rules & Guidelines

  • Photo passes grant photography access for stills to all panels (barring Guest Star panels, permission must be asked of Guest Stars prior to their panels to take photos; this applies to Guests of Honor, Featured Guests, Musical Guests if they are presenting a panel or workshop, and Special Guests), all activities, all events.
  • Photographers MUST ask permission to photograph individual attendees and cosplayers as well as cosplay groups before taking their photo(s).
  • SaikouCon staff and volunteer staff understand that permission is granted by their agreement to work and/or volunteer for SaikouCon, however attendees have the right to refuse photos when asked, as do Guest Stars and if it is brought to the attention of SaikouCon staff that photos have been taken of individual attendees be they in cosplay or not without consent, SaikouCon security will detain the photographer until the convention chair, Michael Meade, can inspect their photos. If the accusation is found to be correct, photography privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the convention. SaikouCon takes the cosplay =/= consent issue very seriously and will enforce the above rules to the letter. If inappropriate photos, including photos of a sexual or harrassing nature, are taken of SaikouCon attendees and/or Guest Stars, the photographer will be permanently banned from SaikouCon and may face legal ramifications.
  • Media approval and denial notices will be sent out within 24-72 hours of the closing of the Press Application time period.
  • Talent interviews must be arranged at least 3 weeks prior to SaikouCon 2021 (in most cases) with the talent set to appear as speaking/signing Guests at SaikouCon 202 themselves or through their representation. SaikouCon is typically is not allowed to act as an intermediary for members of the press to interview any of the convention's guest roster, interviews and media oppportunities must be arranged through the proper representation of our Guest Stars.
  • Should interviews be denied by talent representation, SaikouCon asks that media outlets accept the denial graciously and professionally. Do not badger or hound after appearing talent for interviews regardless of what their representation has stated. This will result in expulsion of your reporters/photographers from SaikouCon and possible black listing of your media outlet at future SaikouCon events.
  • The above rule holds for attendees of the convention as well should reporters seek interviews with SaikouCon attendees.

* = Required Field, missing information in required fields will void application, please review your information before submitting your application for complimentary press credentials to attend and report on SaikouCon Anime Convention

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