SaikouCon 2016 Guests of Honor

RuffleButt Cosplay


Jessie Pridemore, formerly known as AnimeAngel now better known as RuffleButt, is a 15 year veteran of the diverse and colorful cosplay community. A very accomplished seamstress in her own right, she has served as a character model for some of the biggest companies in the Anime and gaming industry, including Aniplex, Funimation, Bandai, NIS America, Machinima, Ubisoft among others. For conventions, she has judged numerous Masquerades and coordinated competitions of all kinds. Including judging at the 2012 Eurocosplay Championship Final in London, England. RuffleButt has also hosted several panels and open discussion forums on cosplay at many conventions from coast to coast of the US.

She has been featured in an episode of Subcultures as well as videos by Machinima and Nerdist. She also volunteers her time for the Combat Radio's Breakfast with Santa charity. Jessie is also the resident seamstress for the new season of Super Fan Build!

When not working on her latest cosplay creation, Jessie's passion is photography, with her work being included in various online and print publications including Newsweek. Jessie sews and designs professionally for Sypher Arts Studios and in 2014 starred in a Windows Phone commercial, and was featured in an issue of Airbrush Action. She also reps for Gunnar Optiks, reps and designs for Spirit Hoods, has designed costumes for and Obsidian Entertainment, and is a featured model for Gold Bubble Clothing.

For more information on RuffleButt visit and follow her on Facebook at

Master of Disguise Banner courtesy of RuffleButt Cosplay

Robert Axelrod


Robert Axelrod has carved a career in show business that runs the gamut.  Born and raised in New York City, he did commercials and theater as a child and teen, eventually ending up in the Soho Avant-garde Theater scene in a show called “Little Trips”, then Off-Broadway in a play called “The Destroyers”.  Axelrod left acting for the world of music.  He spent eight years as a working rock musician playing electric bass and singing in folk, rock, and soul bands.  Music brought him to Los Angeles where he decided to return to acting, a decision he never regrets.

Since then, Mr. Axelrod has appeared in over thirty feature films including four with Charles Bronson, the Sci-Fi hit remake “The Blob” with Kevin Dillon and  many others.  Television appearances include guest star roles on “Amazing Stories”, “Star Trek Voyager”, “Tim And Eric’s Awesome Show”, and “The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers".  He also starred in the Michael Jackson music video “Stranger in Moscow”, and is in the soon-to-be-released horror dark comedy, “The Revenant”.

Mr. Axelrod is also a busy voice over artist.  He is the voice of Lord Zedd and Finster on the “Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers”.  The Lord Zedd voice is one of the most recognizable character voices around.  He voiced Armadillomon and Wizardmon on “Digimon”, Microchip, The Punisher’s sidekick, on “Spider-Man”, Rico on “Robotech”,  and has voiced countless Anime features including “Akira”, “The Big O”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Brain Scratch”, et al.  As Lord Zedd, he starred in both the first Power Rangers feature film and the wildly popular live show that toured the country.  He was a regular character on Saban Entertainment’s “Wowser” series (as Ratso Catso), “Journey To The Heart of the World” (as Scarface), “Hallo Spencer” (as Elmer), and more.  He just finished narrating the mockumentary “Safety First: The Rise of Women” and voicing four Anime series, “Gaiking”, “Danguard Ace”, “Captain Harlock”, “The Adventures of Nadja”, and “Fist of the North Star”.

Darrel Guilbeau


Darrel Guilbeau is currently reprising the voice of Mikado from Durarara!! in DuRaRaRa!! X2. Other recent roles include Hakuryu in Magi-The Labyrinth of Magic and The Kingdom of Magic, Amaimom in Blue Exorcist, Rikuo in Nura: Rise of The Yokai Clan and Mikado in Durarara!!. He has voiced the lead roles of Gainer Sanga in Overman King Gainer and Ichitaka Seto  in I"s and I"s Pure. Other popular roles include Souske Kawara in Samurai Champloo, Osamu in Paranoia Agent, Satoshi Hojo in When they Cry, Hikari in The Melody of Oblivion, Kouji in Buso Renkin, Tandor in Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit, Shinya Yanagasawa in The Prince of Tennis, and as Sejuro in the upcoming release of Zoids Genesis. He has also lent his voice to such anime as Bleach, Boys Be..., Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion & R2, Cyborg 009, DearS, Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig, GunxSword, Kamichu!, Koi Kaze, Rumiko Takahasi Anthology, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, and Stellvia.

In the video game world he recently voiced Yue Jin & Xu Shu in Dynasty Warriors 8. He has also voiced Viewtiful Joe in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Layle in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, Wylfred in  Valkerie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, the Main Scepter in Culdcept Saga, Taishi Ci in Dynasty Warriors 6, Nagamasa Azai/MitsuhideAkechi in Warriors Orochi 1 & 2, Lekius in Dawn of Mana, Werman/Duran in Avalon Code, Shu in Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow as well as various voices in Radiata Stories, Legendary, Fantasy Earth Zero and Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.

Darrel has also done voice overs for live action and animated films, most recently as the golden retriever puppy Snoozer in Golden Winter, with Hayley Duff, The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale, Lego Friends, and in the sci-fi film The Gunrunner Billy Kane. Other films include Red Water with Lou Diamond Phillips, Witless Protection with Larry the Cable Guy, Bam Bam & Celeste with Margaret Cho, and the Korean comedy Attack of the Gas Station.

As an actor, he has had roles on stage, screen, TV, the web and in commercials. He is currently co-starring in the upcoming film LBJ with Woody Harrelson, directed by Rob Reiner. You can also check him out on YouTube in Bozo's episode Dummy as a crazed ventriloquist. Darrel has also had roles in Windtalkers directed by John Woo, Alias with Jennifer Garner, The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow, and Nickelodeon's Victorious, Gene Simmons' Family Jewels, You Snooze You Lose with Jamie Farr, Saved By The Bell, Lauderdale, Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2, Murder in Law and playing Dr. Coleman opposite other anime notables such as Vic Mignona, Todd Haberkorn and Mythbusters' Grant Imahara in Star Trek Continues now online.

Kari Wahlgren

Kari New Head Shot
Kari Wahlgren - SaikouCon 2016 - Guest of Honor

From Animation to Anime to Video Games, Kari Wahlgren is one of the top voices actresses in Los Angeles. Her first role as Haruko in FLCL remains a fan favorite, and her voice can be heard in Emmy and Academy Award-winning animated films and TV shows. For a full list of Kari's credits, visit her IMDB page at:

Major Animation Roles Include:

  • Chloe Carmichael in The Fairly Oddparents
  • Tigress in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
  • Jessica/ Rick’s Spaceship in Rick and Morty
  • Shandra Jimenez in Gravity Falls
  • Starfire in Justice League VS. Teen Titans movie
  • Charmcaster in Ben 10
  • Emma Frost in Wolverine & The X-Men
  • Li’l Suzy in Phineas and Ferb
  • Anka in Archer
  • Enchantress and Jane Foster in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
  • Saturn Girl in Lego DC Comics Superheroes: Justice League Cosmic Clash
  • Mina in Bunnicula
  • Letta Turmond in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Major Anime Roles Include:

  • Haruko in FLCL
  • Fuu in Samurai Champloo
  • Saber in Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night
  • Celty in Durarara
  • Kagami in Lucky Star
  • Tayuya in Naruto
  • Anemone in Eureka 7
  • Robin in Witch Hunter Robin
  • Rip Van Winkle in Hellsing

Major Video Game Roles:

  • Jedi Female Knight in Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • Ashe in Final Fantasy XII
  • Tessa in Skylanders
  • Proctor Ingram in Fallout 4
  • Vex in Skyrim
  • Caithe in Guild Wars 2
  • Raine in Tales of Symphonia
  • Emma Frost in Marvel Heroes (MMO)
  • Arcee in Transformers: War for Cybertron

On Camera Roles Include:

  • Helen in Wizards of Waverly Place

Dino Andrade

Dino Andrade Workshop
Dino Andrade Workshop

Dream of a career in voice over for video games and animation? Voice actor & animation voice over teacher Dino Andrade of WORLD OF WARCRAFT and BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM fame presents a fun, interactive, audience participation master class workshop in creating and developing original voice over characters for all areas of animation from animated features to video games!

Participants Will Learn: 

  • How to create and develop animation voice over characters 
  • “Road-testing” techniques for sustaining the characters you develop 
  • Methods for turning each new character into many 
  • How to instantly recall all of your characters, anytime, anywhere 
  • VO acting techniques you must know to get the most out of your characters  

…and so much more!

Whether participants/attendees have lots of acting experience or none at all, everyone is guaranteed to have a blast at this interactive, fun, informative and enlightening peek into how everyone’s favorite animated characters were created! 


  • Mimiron, Mekkatorque, Professor Putricide, The Mad Bomber and more from WORLD OF WARCRAFT & HEARTHSTONE
  • The Scarecrow from BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM
  • The Reaper & The Hairbangers from BRUTAL LEGEND
  • Kenshin The God of War from SENGOKU BASARA: SAMURAI HEROES
  • Klik from POCKET GOD
  • Ragou from TALES OF VESPERIA

SaikouCon 2016 Musical Guests

The Adarna


Taking their name from a mythical phoenix-like songbird in Filipino folklore, The Adarna [pronounced uh-darr-nuh] are the first band to ever coin their genre as “Jet City Rock (Jet Rock).” 

Four years out of the gate and The Adarna have completed 5 North American National Tours while averaging 80-120 shows a year. Their recent national tour, The How Perceptive Tour, consisted of venues, colleges, and conventions (anime, comic & sci-fi) to support the release of their new album, How Perceptive. In Dec 2015 - Jan 2016, they were honored to perform internationally for the US troops in 5 countries in SW Asia as part of their Project Gratitude Tour.

The band has been featured on MTV, Myx TV, M&L TV and about 220+ media outlets/radio worldwide including Fox stations, Sirius XM, Armed Forces Radio, and Harley-Davidson retail. The Adarna’s music videos are being aired in 78 countries and amassed an incredible 12K fan base in a short period of time.

This fiery, dynamic, and high-energy sound comes from a concoction of influences from old school rock-n-roll such as The Cult and Guns N Roses to modern rock such as Foo Fighters, Sick Puppies, Halestorm, and 30 Seconds to Mars. 

The backdrop of The Adarna is a puzzle of cities, bands, craigslist ads, and finally, their debut EP (self-titled, 2012). The core of the band is built on rock-n-roll, sweat, and rebirth. The Seattle Weekly suggests that The Adarna are “melodic, polished, and destined for rock radio.” They’ve shared stages with names like Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Smile Empty Soul, Art of Dying, Fail Safe Project, The Slants, The Crying Spell, The Cliks, Bobaflex, Ionia, Uzuhi, Peelander Z, Windowpane, and Burning Daylight (Lords of Acid, Powerman 5000, Cage 9 & Ministry). 

Their most recent single, “Superman,” gained much success in anime and comic fandom. This resulted in the placement of the song in a new superhero video game by Risen Phoenix Studios, to be released in 2016. 

Their first single, “Honestly”, aired to an audience of 10 million households on MYX TV, one of the largest Asian-American networks (ABS-CBN). The band earned this opportunity by being voted into the top 6 finalist. 

Tastes Like Rock Magazine states The Adarna are “rising stars of modern rock who will find their way to the top of the heap of bands out there, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Whether you are hard core rockers or alt or punk or even dance pop, you will love the Adarna.”

For more from The Adarna, visit and



REAKT is a Japanese artist from Tokyo, Japan currently living in the USA. His music is a mix of Japanese Pop, EDM, and Hip Hop. His musical purpose is to spread his sound and message to the world.





Venues played:

  • Bitter End (NYC)
  • Sidewalk Cafe (NYC)
  • Symphony Hall (Boston)
  • Japanese Language School Festival (Boston)
  • Akasaka Blitz (Tokyo)
  • Club Asia (Tokyo)
  • Aoyama Gakuin University School Festival (Tokyo)



Damien is an eclectic acoustic instrumental guitarist mixing, classical, jazz, and modern styles, to weave a tapestry of sonic magick.

SaikouCon 2016 Featured Guests

Koralene Cosplay


Hey there! I'm Koralene, a cosplayer based out of PA. I grew up in the town of Lock Haven, where cosplay isn't the norm, so I only discovered it 3 years ago. My best friend introduced me to anime, so I made him go to a convention with me and I have loved it ever since.

I enjoy cosplay because I believe it brings a whole community of people together, and gives us the chance to make life long friends that have the same interest as ourselves. Many of us learn a lot of new skills and we get the chance to show off our hard work. It also lets us be our favorite characters for a weekend and bring our fantasy world we love so much into reality if only for a weekend at a convention.

I used to buy my costumes because I didn't know a thing about sewing or crafting, however I became skilled in armor and props. I also began sewing my own outfits, teaching myself along the way with internet research and a lot of YouTube tutorials. Cosplay also got me into photography and editing.

My hard work seems to be paying off as I won 2nd Place in the Novice category of the Setsucon 2015 walk on, and I was the winner of Philly's Next Top Cosplayer. I am really excited to continue competing and creating, and loving every minute along the way.

The Gamer's Edge Comics & Gaming


The Gamer’s Edge, located at 580 Main Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360, is an inclusive gaming establishment. We encourage gaming for all ages for both personal and educational purposes. The Gamer's Edge caters to all skill levels from pro to beginning, always ready to help and always stocked with a wide array of gaming supplies from all types and genres of tabletop games, CCGs, vintage video games, and vintage video game systems and accessories. For more information visit

The Gamer’s Edge Comics and Games will be hosting the tabletop gaming room at SaikouCon 2016. The Gamer's Edge crew will teach interested people how to play, show some basic strategies for the games, and have the games available for purchase (while supplies last). Each game hosts a set maximum number of players, but each session can handle more than one demo. They will have players play one game then allow other players to come in and play the same game. For CCGs, they will have several pairs playing at once.

Cosplay Burlesque


Cosplay Burlesque is a performing arts group of burlesque performers and cosplayers dedicated to combining the two for your entertainment. Their mission is to take the characters fans already enjoy and make them naughty through a humorous and provocative stage show. There is no fandom that they leave untouched in their quest for great source material. They are fan fiction come to life!

Cosplay Burlesque is the East Coast's premier burlesque troupe specializing in fandom and convention entertainment! Featuring a rotating cast of 30+ performers of all genders and orientations, Cosplay Burlesque has entertained audiences at over 40 events since 2008. We feature striptease artists, comedians, dancers, singers, sideshow, acrobats, & drag acts - all dressed as your favorite characters from TV, comics, movies, video games, and more! For more visit

Avocado Games

AG Logo BK Thin
AG Logo BK Thin

All games in the market have two jobs to fulfill; to entertain and to educate. To achieve these two ideals, we believe that a company needs three things: a solid core, a hearty meat and a textured skin. We understand the process of gaming comes from the center and progresses till we have the box and everything inside. This process is where we get our name: Avocado Games. From these layers, we strive to produce quality games that are engaging, elegant, fun, and thought promoting. Understanding a responsibility to our clientele as well as to our designers, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than we would expect from anyone else.

SaikouCon 2016 Special Guests

Cloudsofsand Cosplay


Cloudsofsand is a 10 year cosplay veteran and has attended over 50 anime conventions all over the United States and has done over 50 unique cosplays. She has had features on Epic Cosplay, Cosplay Amiino and an upcoming issue of iCosplay Magazine. She has also hosted and run multiple panels on cosplay and other various subjects at conventions. While still new to seamstress work and cosplay competition, Cloudsofsand has been making her own props from wings to swords to staves and all in between throughout her years of cosplaying.

Cloudsofsand is an artist through and through in both videography and photography. She is also a talented and accomplished AMV artist. Having made AMVs in the hundreds, she have over 1500 subscribers on YouTube and nearly 1 million views. Cloudsofsand has also won several AMV contests up and down the East Coast, and has been a finalist at some of the biggest conventions on the coast including Otakon and Katsucon. She is also a cosplay photographer with shoots at conventions all up the coast. 

For more information on Cloudsofsand, visit her Facebook page and check out her Photography page at

celsius Cosplay

saikoucon celsius
saikoucon celsius

celsius is a long time cosplayer (since 2003) and has attended over 50 conventions, has over 110 cosplays, conducted over 15 panels, co-authored a book entitled How to Avoid Hara-kiri: A Guide to Surviving Anime Conventions, was featured in the first edition of Cosplay in America, and a category winner of ATLUS-o-Weenie contest. 

If you can find her at conventions, she’s usually cosplaying the main character of an obscure series, a non-main character of a popular series, the main character of a popular series in an outfit that may have seldom appeared, or from a series that might have been popular three or more years prior.

celsius is a big advocate of one simple fact: cosplay is for everyone. It’s understood that while it may not appease everyone, remember that you’re doing it for you and no one else. Because of this, she runs panel in a sense of giving back to the community; to help those who have struggle with the idea of cosplay or have trouble with knowing where to start. 

The subject of her panels can range anywhere from otome games, basic to mid-level topics of cosplay, and cosplay photography – just to name a few. She runs the panels as a Q&A session with elements of an open forum with the attendees in mind: if you want to know, just ask. At SaikouCon alone, she ran previous panels on cosplay and cosplay photography and also hosted the charity auction. 

When not working or being involved in the convention and cosplay world, she’s normally catching up a disastrous backlog of video games, learning Korean, and writing for Seoulbeats, a Korean entertainment site. 

You can find celsius at the following sites: