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7/9 - 9/3, 2021:

SaikouCon Cyber Merchant Hall


To make up lost earning time in 2020 for our Merchants we are hosting a Cyber Merchant Hall all of July and August, 2021! Beginning July 9 there will be a list posted below of our Merchants with links to their website/webstores so we can all directly support our beloved convention merchants while we wait to see and support them in person at SaikouCon 2021 later this year.

There will be no additional merchants brought on for this online event, there only be the merchants that were accepted for SaikouCon 2020 and accepted the roll over to SaikouCon 2021 and SaikouCon 2022, due to the postponement of SaikouCon 2020 in light of the pandemic and PA State rules for gatherings.

We will also be posting the Cyber Merchant Hall on our Facebook as an event page, and if Facebook Events will cooperate (they have new regulations for event pages it seems after it has been made public knowledge that Facebook Event pages and Facebook Group pages have been used freely to unfortunately organize hate events) we will be making cyber merch hall event pages for each individual merchant so they may hightlight their wares themselves in the individualized event pages by being made co-hosts of those pages.

Merchant list will be located in this space beginning July 9, 2021 from 12 PM ET forward until the Cyber Merchant Hall closes at 10 PM on September 3, 2021. We apologize for this delay since May of 2021, our web site was uneditable from April of 2021 until June 15, 2021. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience, our webhost had a massive server crash that left everything on our website and convention email unusable, almost exactly the same way it did in 2016 but without purging the backend of the website to the point of having to rebuild everything. We have decided to keep the Cyber Merchant Hall open throughout July and August to not only bolster our merchant's sales after the postponement of SaikouCon 2020 and the above cited delay, but also for those not ready to attend cons in person in our now (finally) post-vaccine world, so they may support the merchants they love and feed their need for figures, art, fanart, manga, anime DVDs/BDs, and more without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Some merchants do sell online and only sell at conventions, they are still listed below so you can make sure to find their booth at SaikouCon 2021.

SaikouCon Merchants

Mythical Fair

Gothic and Renaissance style jewelry, Chaos Emeralds, Mystical Keys, Gothic Statuary, and more.


Cat ear, cat ear headband, figures, headbands, posters, wall-scrolls, costumes, masks, face masks, Fairy Tail keys, Asuma, Kunai, playing cards, fans, plushes, bags, pins, key-chains, mouse pads, Dragon Balls, snacks, grab bags.

Jekyll Hyde Jewelry

 Hand-crafted gothic fantasy and steampunk jewelry, accessories, and decor featuring bones, antique skeleton keys, hand-crafted sculptures, and raw and polished gemstones. Many items are one of a kind designs. Custom commissions are available for those looking for the perfect accessory to match their outfit or costume! Visit us at

imaneggplant design

 Live venus flytraps, original anime art prints, all original manga, handmade bismuth jewelry.

Kyoto Anime

Licensed, imported anime collectibles such as boxed trading figures, gashapon figures, PVC statues, Sega / Taito / and Banpresto Prize items, plush, keychains, cell phone charms, and grab bags consisting of a combination of the aforementioned. Visit us at


Large acrylic stands, T-shirts, holographic prints and on-site commissions, plus large, glittered enamel pins. I also sell a few original pieces in addition to fan art.


Art prints, stickers, small sculptures, at table ink commissions. Visit me at

Jingle Stan

Fanart Prints, charms, buttons, book marks, and small zines/comics drawn by me. I'll also be doing on-the-spot traditional commissions! Visit me at

Trading Card Valhalla

Upcycled glass jewelry made from trading cards, comic book pages. Visit at


Prints of traditional acrylic paintings. Visit me at


Prints, charms, pinback buttons Original characters & fan art. Visit us at

Butter Side Down aka Atomic Lizard

Handmade necklaces, earrings, etched glass mugs, coffee and shots. Postcards. Visit at

Unique Creations by Amy

Specializing in whimsical and geeky jewelry. Primarily we offer earrings, hair stakes, and bracelets which include our almost famous funky bracelets that can be converted into necklaces. All of our charms are made in house from industrial grade Thermoplastic (sometimes referred to as NASA glass) it's the same material used by Raytheon for their self unfolding robots used in the space program. This allows us to hand draw or ink all of our original art onto the charms themselves, providing a truly unique design that cannot be found anywhere else. With over 19 years experience, our jewelry is high quality at an affordable price. Often we're described as providing geek jewelry for adults as our jewelry is fun yet still appropriate to wear to the office. We provide a huge selection of themes ranging from hobbies, special interests, puns, and something for every kind of geek and fandom. Visit us at

Wanted & Hostile

Digital Prints, Watercolor Prints, Minicomics and Zines, Wooden and Acrylic Charms, Buttons. Visit us at

Hell on Wheels Travelling Shop

Vintage Kimonos and new satin robes, Chopsticks both wooden and metal, and fans both cloth and wooden, jewelry both new and vintage(depends on age and composition), pocket watches (mechanical and battery), tiaras, mystery boxes (each contain a necklace, bracelet, keychain, pair of earrings and coin purse), embroidered bags, keychains, pocket knives.

Fluorescent Finery

I make and sell glow in the dark jewelery, figurines, and other decorations inspired by my favorite fandoms. Like us on Facebook at

Bit Happens

Hand made pixel sprites that are based off many characters/designs from different genres! Also made into many accessories/apparel such as hats,pins,key chains and many more! Over a 1000 Custom stickers, other hand made crafts,few retro collectibles from 90's. Visit us at

Freeze-Ex-Icecute Studio

Prints, charms, plushies, vinyl posters, commissions. Visit us at

ETs Designs

Original Art, fanart, commissions, and more. Visit us at

Your Anime N More

Figures, Keychains, Lanyards, Blankets, Buttons, Stickers, Magnets, Playing Cards, Plush Dolls, Travel Mugs/Cups.

Legendary Lines

I sell prints, bookmarks and shrinky dinks made into necklaces and keychains. They include a variety of characters from video games, anime, manga, movies and cartoons. Visit me at


Custom Ita bags: Custom Paint job Light Instillation's Custom backing boards Adding extra attachments that you can hang Key Chains from to the bag Additions to the outside for example frills around the pin window. Handmade Poodle style skirts Custom Tote Bags and Custom artwork: I draw custom art that I can put in to buttons for peoples Ita bags. Visit us at

Furry Mystery Box

We sell mystery boxes filled with a variety of High Quality furry related merchandise that we produce in house using artists that we work with from within the Furry Fandom. Items that could be possible to receive in one of our boxes are T-Shirts, Plushes, Acrylic Charms & Standees, Enamel Pins, Tails & Ears, Lanyards, buttons and Much More! Visit us at

Simple Fandom

 LARP Goods, including accessories, foam weapons, costume jewelry, & garb.Visit us at

The Librarium

Prints, original comics, original video games, and original drawings. Visit us at

Tipsy Turtle Crafts

Hand crafted epoxy resin ponds in various sizes, each with a hand sculpted critter inside. Along with that, hand crafted character sculpts will also be available, each one with a personal touch and one of a kind. Visit us at


 J-Snacks and TCGs. 

Sarah Elizabeth Illustrations

 I sell hand sculpted polymer RPG (role play game) miniatures, figurines, and pins as well as prints and stickers of my artwork both fan art and original. Along with ready-made merchandise, I also offer commissions of that can be drawn or sculpted for the client. Visit me at


Original and fanart content of: prints, buttons, stickers, charms, art books, at-the table commissions, and pencil bags. Visit me at

Manga Impact

Original Manga, visit us at

Le Petit Miaou Lolita

Handmade Lolita dresses and accessories. Dresses include unique prints and one of a kind pieces. I also sell handmade resin jewelry and other miscellaneous products such as adoptable felt dumplings. Visit me at

Quigley's Cakes

Anime and pop-culture themed cupcakes. Visit us at


Prints, Stickers, Plushies, and traditional works. Visit them at 

Magpie Madness LLC

 Art prints Mini prints Art commissions (on-site) Buttons Acrylic charms Enamel Pins Shirts Button-up shirts Hats Plushies Pillows Bodypillows Raffles Stickers. Visit us at


Small, medium, and large prints, digital commissions, magnets, and buttons. Visit us at

Corvus Ink Comics & Curiousities

Original Comic books, prints, stickers, keychains, pins. Visit us at

Frontline Studios

Prop making studio that makes accessories from video games, anime, and tv shows using resin casting and 3-D printing. Visit them today at

Merchants listed left to right in order of completion of their Merchant Registration process.

8/20 - 8/22, 2021:

SaikouCon 2021 - Cancelled

SaikouCon 2021
SaikouCon 2021

After The Year that wasn't, the year that shall not be named, the year of the Apocal... you get what we're saying... SaikouCon is back for its true eighth year. How does that song go? Better, harder, faster, stronger. The year off has given the SaikouSquad time to think up new activities, improve existing events, and continue to prioritize safety and health in the post Covid-19 world. SaikouCon is still a big party, but now we're a Post Apocalypse Party and together with you we are going to celebrate life and the human will to overcome adversity, no matter how challenging that adversity is.

Celebrate at Saikoucon 2021 with fun, some learning, music, cosplay, and the comradery that can only be found at fan conventions. Let's rebuild the in-person con scene together and make it better than it ever was before! 

SaikouCon 2021 will be taking place at the scenic Mountain Laurel Resort in White Haven, Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountain area of the state. The resort's street address is 81 Treetops Drive, White Haven PA 18661. SaikouCon 2021 is scheduled to take place starting on August 20, 2021 until August 22, 2021 and will include panels, activities, and special events focused on Japanese anime and Pop Culture, classical Japanese culture, and cosplay. SaikouCon 2021 will be a socially distanced event for the safety and health of our attendees, merchants, staff, volunteers, and guest stars; please review our saftey protocols located on the Convention Info page of