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All SaikouCon guests are welcome to cosplay their favorite characters, however please remember that while we prefer our guests to be 13 and above, there will be younger fans in attendance, and our venue has rules prohibiting full and partial nudity (no exposed nipples on our female guests, and no exposed genitals on either male or female guests, make sure to pack your pasties and undies with the rest of your costuming materials), Information and sign ups (where applicable) for specific cosplay events at SaikouCon will be available here on the Cosplay page and on our Events page! In the meantime please look over our Codes of Conduct for all guests and specific rules for cosplayers and non-cosplaying guests interacting with cosplayers at the bottom of this page.

We at SaikouCon take the Cosplay is not permission issue very seriously, if you feel harassed or threatened in any way please find a SaikouCon staff member or security officer immediately. Please report any photography you feel is targeting you specifically without your permission, and we will handle it right away. SaikouCon promises we are always working hard to create an environment that is safe for all guests and we are taking extra measures to protect our cosplaying guests. SaikouCon loves the Cosplay Community and we will defend it to out utmost capabilities for the life of our convention. We promise to be a safe haven to cosplay in saftey without ridicule or harassment; sexual or otherwise. Any person found to be violating our rules of conduct concerning cosplayers may be asked to leave the convention without refund and depending on the seriousness of the infraction will be blacklisted from attending the convention in future years. This applies to vendors and journalists/photographers/videographers as well, especially after the Cosplayer Pillowcase incident of 2013. In extreme cases, the police will be called in to handle offenders which may result in legal action and jail time if charges are pressed. Below you will find a list of general etiquette points for con goers and cosplayers, which can also be found with the overall rules and regulations for attendees of SaikouCon on the Convention Info page.

General Convention Cosplay Etiquette Rules & Guidelines for
Cosplayers & Non-Cosplayers

Special Thanks to Ayu Sakata of sakevisual for her help with our Con Etiquette Guidelines

  1. Please do not glomp cosplayers (or even non-cosplayers)
    Glomping can HURT and could ruin their costume! Instead of glomping them, ask, politely, for a hug. If permission is granted, hug them gently so there are no breaks to their costume or hurt them. If they decline, a simple compliment will suffice to show them how much you like their cosplay.This especially goes for CHILDREN IN COSPLAY. We know they’re cute, but think of it like seeing a child out at the mall or the store. You wouldn’t run up and grab them because it’s rude and downright creepy and can be construed as predatory behavior. Ask their parent or guardian if it would be alright for a hug and/or picture. Otherwise, hands off the children.
  2. Ask politely for pictures and don’t be creepy about it
    Cosplaying is NOT permission to touch or invade the personal space of a cosplayer, but there are predators out there who will take upskirt photos of women and young girls in skirts and flowy garments among other serious infractions on the personal space, safety, and sexual autonomy of other people. This is NOT okay and is considered by the organizers of SaikouCon as sexual harassment and stalking. If you want a photograph with somebody, ask permission, if you want to put your arm around them or touch their body in any innocent way, ask permission. Some people are less okay than others with having people randomly throw their arms around them. Sexual harassment and stalking are not taken lightly at SaikouCon, our security team will attempt to sort out if there has been an innocent misunderstanding before involving the authorities, as personal space can be infringed upon in crowded spaces with no malice intended, but if the accused party or parties is found to be guilty of malicious intent, threats, stalking, harassment, sexual harassment, unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate sexual language etc. they will be reported to the authorities immediately and detained by SaikouCon security until the police arrive and handle the situation to the fullest extent of the law, should the victim(s) of the perpetrator wish to press criminal charges against them. The guilty party or parties will also be permanently banned from future years of SaikouCon and SaikouCon sponsored events.
  3.  A cosplayer is not their character
    If someone is cosplaying someone you don’t like, this does NOT give you permission to attack them verbally and definitely not physically. These cosplayers are REAL PEOPLE, that are pretending to be a fictional character, physically or verbally attacking them is the same as attacking someone in the general public out on the street. You will be escorted out of the convention by con security and permanently banned from SaikouCon, and the victim(s) can, will be encouraged to, and should press criminal assault charges if they deem necessary. 
  4. Country flags are not capes
    Wearing them as such is incredibly disrespectful. In most countries, wearing a flag as an article of clothing and/or letting it touch the ground is considered insulting and sometimes a very serious crime. Please think of our friends from other countries, and respect their flags as well as our own. Remember, just because a character does something in an anime does not make it acceptable or polite to do in real life. 
  5. Just because your character does/says certain things does not make it okay to do in public
    No screaming the “F” word or other profanities in public. If you would not do or say it out of costume or in front of your parents, grandparents, children and/or friend's children, don’t do it at a convention. There are children present at these functions, and it is best to act like a responsible adult and set a good example for them.
  6. Hands off other peoples’ props
    This seems like it should go without saying, but there have been instances where people have actually run off with a friend’s or even stranger's prop, or grabbed a prop and started playing with it, resulting in a break. Props can take a very, very long time to make as well as cost a lot of money to make or purchase and most tend to be fairly fragile. If a cosplayer says you can handle it, handle it with care. You wouldn’t want your props broken, so don’t do it to someone else. 
  7. If something about someone’s costume is inaccurate or poorly made, do not berate them for it
    There's no need to elaborate on this, since it’s a fairly straightforward guideline, let's all be nice and have fun together.
  8. Do not throw objects at other cosplayers
    This falls under the "you can hurt someone" tidbit. This means even plushies, or any sort of projectile, soft or not. Not everyone shares the same sense of “lolithrewsomethingatyou” humor, so err on the side of caution and don’t throw things. Like most of the other things contained as no-nos in our codes of conduct and etiquette, this can get you thrown out of cons (SaikouCon included) and have criminal charges pressed for assault. 
  9. Personal hygiene is a must
    Being at a convention can result in a lot of dirt and sweat accumulated on your body over the day. Be mindful of other con goers and PLEASE BATHE. This goes double for people who like to hug cosplayers and any other attendee and/or merchant for that matter, as nothing is more of a fun killer for a convention goer than someone getting their stink all over you or your costume. Don’t forget to also use deodorant. It really does make a big difference between smelling squeaky clean and smelling like con-funk. Beyond social etiquette, this is also the best way to prevent going home with a case of con plague as bathing prevents more than just the germs and bacteria that cause body odor growing on your person.
  10. Cosplayers and non-cosplaying fans, you are representing your fandom
    If you do something mean or nasty, it won’t be just you doing it, but “that fandom.” Set a good example and represent your fandom with honor and consideration.
  11. Have fun!
    Just because there are things you shouldn’t do doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself at the convention. Attend panels and meet-ups. Make new friends. Go watch the masquerade and concerts. There’s so much you can do at a con without ruining the enjoyment for others or yourself.